Island Life

It was only recently that I discovered the Works of William Meikle. A friend pointed me in the direction of The Amulet which is the first book in The Midnight Eye Files series. The Midnight Eye Files is a wonderful Lovecraftian noir series in the vein of Lovecraft meets Chandler, and I read the three books in the series in no time. I have since then bought most of his work available in print and a number of his short stories only available on Kindle. Besides The Midnight Eye Files series I in particular enjoy his Dark Melodies Collection, Carnacki: Heaven and Hell, The Creeping Kelp, The Invasion and Clockwork Dolls.

There is one book which is highly acclaimed among the readers of William Meikle. It is Island Life. the official description is:

On a small, sparsely populated island in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, a group of archaeology students are opening what seems to be an early Neolithic burial mound. Marine biologist Duncan McKenzie is also working on the island, staying with the lighthouse caretakers, Dick and Tom, while he completes his studies of the local water supply.

One afternoon the three men are disturbed in their work by the appearance of a dazed female student from the excavation, who is badly traumatized. She tells of the slaughter of the rest of her party by something released from the mound.

Soon everyone Duncan knows is either missing or dead and there are things moving in the fog.

Large, hulking, unholy things.

Things with a taste for human flesh.

It is praised as some of his best work, and I have been wanting to read it ever since learning about this book. Only problem is, I prefer printed books over digital copies any day, and Island Life has been out of print for quite a while. Used copies are selling for high prices, and I have been waiting for a new edition to surface.

This time has finally come. Gryphonwood Press published the new printed edition on June 4th and it is now available on Amazon

Island Life


Gryphonwood Press is also planning to publish Berserker in print for the first time. My inner bibliophile is very pleased.


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