The Night Land has published a new story by Don Webb. It is free to read here.



Willilam Meikle is making some of his Kindle editions free from time to time. It has so far been his stort stories, but now he has made available the novel Crustaceans for free for a limited time here.

Official description:

It begins with a dead whale on a Boston shoreline–not in itself an unusual occurrence. But the things that claw their way out of the blubber are very unusual indeed. A cast of giant crabs, evolved over centuries, descends on a small coastal town and, having feasted, make their way to the city using the sewer system. Soon they are swarming around Manhattan, hunted and harried by a SWAT team tasked with ridding the city of the menace…before the menace gets big enough to rid itself of the city.

I encourage you to read this and also explore his other works as well.