Deep Like the River

I have been looking forward to Deep Like the River by Tim Waggoner since Dark Regions Press began teasing this novella. The story description reminds me of the theme of The Willows by Algernon Blackwood, and the impressions I have read of the story so far also hints at Deep Like the River being working with the same atmosphere and theme. The novella was published yesterday and I picked up a copy right away. The book and ebook can be ordered from Dark Regions or Amazon. Review to follow soon.




It was supposed to be fun. A chance to get away. An opportunity for two sisters to bond and for one sister to heal. It was a small river, calm, slow-moving. Perfect for a leisurely canoe trip on a beautiful summer day. But then they hear a baby crying on the shore, abandoned and overheated. Alie and Carin have to take her with them. They can’t just leave her there. A simple canoe trip becomes a rescue mission. But there’s something on the shore, hidden by the trees. Something that’s following them every step of the way – watching, waiting . . . Around every bend, the river becomes stranger, darker, more dangerous, until Alie isn’t sure what’s real and what isn’t. The river wants the child for itself, but no matter what it throws at her, Alie’s determined to get the baby to safety. She’s already lost one child. But she’ll have to fight the darkness that haunts the river – as well as the darkness within herself – if she doesn’t want to lose another.

Deep Like the River at Dark Region Press in hardcover, trade paperback and ebook here



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