Garden of Eden to become Iraqi national park

Iraq has been planning to become the new Egypt for years now, and finally things look to be moving ahead. Sound to think about the future as it is just a matter of time before the oil is gone. Time will tell if this will become an alternative to Egypt in terms of tourism, and if they have the skills to do so. But it is happening – finally. Let the revival of Mesopotamia begin!

News story here.


Prayer to the Gods of the Night

They are lying down, the Great Ones
The bars have fallen, the bolts are shot,
The crowds and all the people rest,
The open gates are locked.
The gods of the land, the goddesses,
Šamaš, Sin, Adad, Ištar,
Sun, Moon, turmoil, love
Lie down to sleep in heaven.
The judgment seat is empty now,
For no god now is still at work.
Night has drawn down the curtain,
The temples and sanctuaries are silent, dark.
Now the traveler calls to his god,
Defendant and plaintiff sleep in peace,
For the judge of truth, the father of the fatherless, Šamaš, has gone to his chamber.
‘O Great Ones, Princes of the Night,
Bright Ones, Gibil the furnace,
Irra war-lord of the Underworld,
Bow-star and Yoke, Orion, Pleiades, Dragon,
The Wild Bull, the Goat, and the Great Bear, Stand by me in my divination.
By this lamb that I am offering,
May truth appear!

-Mesopotamian Prayer, ca. 3,000 B.C.E.