The Rising Star of Miskatonic River Press

In a World of ever expanding Mythos anthologies there is a number of shining stars among the publishing houses. One of my favorite publishing houses is Miskatonic River Press. I was surprised by the quality of Dead But Dreaming and Dead But Dreaming 2 when MRP published them, and The Strange Dark One by W. H. Pugmire completely blew me away. Yet MRP gives the impression of these three Lovecraftian anthologies to just be the beginning.

Last year MRP raised the bar by putting Joe Pulver  in charge of an The King in Yellow anthology titled A Season in Carcosa.

A Season in Carcosa

This anthology peeked behind the Mask of Madness of The King in Yellow, and it is by far one of the best publications I have read in a very long time. The stories by Daniel Mills, Don Webb, Richard Gavin and Laird Barron in particluar left me speechless. This volume is not to be missed. You can order it here from MRP, and the review from the Lovecraft eZine is here.

Miskatonic River Press has put Joe Pulver in charge of another anthology, and this time it is in celebration of another one of my favorite authors. The Grimscribe’s Puppets is an anthology paying homage to Thomas Ligotti, and Joe Pulver has once again managed to gather some of the best weird fiction writers of today.


The Grimscribe’s Puppets is available for preorder here and I am really looking forward to this anthology. Review will follow.

Now, can MRP possibly have more in store which will make me praise them even more for celebrating the Masters of weird fiction?

Yes, they have.

Miskatonic River Press recently announced Deepest, Darkest Eden edited by Cody Goodfellow. It is an anthology paying homage to the great Clark Ashton Smith.

Clark Ashton Smith

According to the official website it should be available soon.

Miskatonic River Press has impressed me greatly so far. But I sense this is just the beginning.